About #ShankTank

What Is #ShankTank?

#ShankTank is a full-body fitness method utilizing cross training functionally structured to evolve standard strength training and conditioning into continually elevated athletic results from the inside out. Either on a bike or in a bootcamp, we push our bodies to the rhythm of a killer playlist turning hard work into a full-on dance party. The workouts are scientifically designed to weave High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in time with the music strategically elevating the heart rate in between supersets of muscle strengthening and lengthening. Not only are the workouts for all fitness levels— they are always varied, challenging, and fun! 

The ethos of #ShankTank is as long as you live your truth and give your best, the change you seek will unfold. Your health is the most valuable asset you have. Why not have some fun investing in yourself along the way?

#ShankTank Origins

#ShankTank began as a pivot from the fitness industry standard of naming workouts after the instructors’ established communities. After a year of #taylorgang (and copyright issues with rapper Wiz Khalifa) Taylor Shank believed the success of his classes wasn’t a select group of devotees but instead a communal sense of going all in for all involved. A client of Taylor’s described the intensity of his class as though the group wanted to cannonball into a shark tank and make the biggest splash possible. As Taylor is a lifelong fan of aquatics, calculated risk, and Mark Cuban, the name stuck.

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Get To Know Taylor Shank

     Taylor was born and raised in small-town Martinsville VA where he played sports as soon as he could walk. Upon graduating the University of Virginia with a concentration in American Popular and Visual Culture, Taylor moved to Los Angeles and worked in entertainment PR.  While he enjoyed the glamour of all the red carpet events he felt most at home working out with his friends by the beach. It came as no surprise to anyone when Taylor was offered a position to open a studio in Malibu for SoulCycle, the premiere indoor cycling chain, he jumped on the opportunity and has since been teaching waitlisted classes across the country for the last 6 years.  Additionally, Taylor was selected to be the first male ambassador to build and lead the wellness community for New York City’s lululemon Columbus Circle, the second-largest lululemon in the city.  While involved with lululemon Taylor worked with the best and brightest in the fitness industry on a weekly basis.  Taylor is excited to fuse his Northeast hustle, West Coast disposition, and Southern hospitality all into one wild workout every single time.

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ShankCAMP is a floor-based HIIT bootcamp that moves your body to the music and transforms a punishing training regimen into dancing stronger than you ever could at your cousin’s wedding reception.  Every session is a blend of strength training, conditioning, and mobility that will leave you immediately feeling lighter and stronger.  The circuits range from 10, 20, and 30 minutes with just a mat and 2 light weights required.  3-5 lbs for the women and 5-10 for the men is a good starting place for Novices.  Veterans will know what’s weights are right for them. 

ShankCYCLE is a rhythmic cycling-based HIIT class harnessing full-body strength, stability, and mobility to achieve peak-level athletic results for the body inside out.  While no ride is ever the same, intervals, climbs, and choreo are guaranteed in every class, along with weights in classes that are 45 minutes.  ShankCYCLE is designed to ensure you have full comprehension of the ride’s moving pieces so not only will feel accomplished, you will be.  While some ShankCYCLE classes will be loaded to the CAMPsite, most will be held live on Zoom.  You can see the weekly schedule HERE.

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