Frequently asked questions

Is there a free trial? How do I sign up?

Yes! For the first month of the new year, all bootCAMP content is available through the website and youtube channel. While some ShankCYCLE classes will be available on demand, the majority must be taken live on Zoom.

What platforms stream the workouts?

You can access all circuit videos via the website and Youtube channel. The majority of ShankCYCLE classes will be live on Zoom while the Shank Tank app is in development.

How often will content be added?

New content and recorded classes will be uploaded on a weekly basis. Although some ShankCycle classes will be uploaded to the platform, if you want the newest music, choreography, and training styles make sure to sign up for live classes in the upcoming week!

Do I need equipment?

Yes, but nothing crazy. For bootCAMP you’ll always need a mat and two light weights (for Novices think 2-5 lbs for the ladies and 5-12 lbs for the men— Veterans will know what to use). For ShankCYCLE classes will be directed towards using a stationary bike (but can be used for any cardio workout regimen)

I don’t know which at-home bike to use.  Does it matter?

No. The majority of stationary bikes come with the same setup— as long as you have a working resistance/tension option and handlebars, you will be able to take ShankCycle. Taylor personally recommends the SC2 bike from Stages Indoor Cycling. It’s the industry standard designed to give you a comfortable smooth ride no matter how intense you train and dance.

I don’t have much of a fitness background.  Will I be able to keep up?

Yes! Full-body form, function, and mobility will be the foundation of all workouts. Once achieved more “ambitious” choreography will be coached but not required to achieve full results. Every class is designed to push even the most seasoned athlete’s limits to optimal performance. With consistent training you’ll be amazed at how quickly your fitness levels will rise as restraints continually fall.

Are private live classes available?

Yes! Those are the most fun. To book contact Taylor directly here.

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